Connecting the Dots: The End of 23

30x30cm Bister & Inkt
Organic cotton canvas
Wooden framing

Handmade & Authentic

€ 88,- (excl. verzekerd verzenden)

Within life's intricate fabric, 
a distinct presence unfolds, 
An individual, 
captivating in demeanor, 
a story untold. 

Your core, 
a harmonious composition, 
nuanced and rare, 
An amalgamation of qualities, 
uniquely paired.

Eyes that hold narratives, 
unspoken tales within, 
A resilient spirit, 
courageous in the face of the unseen. 
In the tapestry of dreams, 
your hues intermingle, 
A portrayal of resilience, 
refusing to dwindle.

an unscripted cadence, 
unrestrained and true, 
A cascade of elation, 
a celebration in you. 
Guided by a moral compass, 
you traverse with ease, 
A heart open wide, 
nurturing love's gentle breeze.

Through challenges and triumphs, 
you stride with poise, 
Each life chapter, 
etched with your distinctive voice. 
A montage of moments, 
a journey unfurling, 
In this vast composition, 
your essence swirling.

Cheers to you, a captivating canvas unfurled, 
A composition of existence, uniquely twirled. 
In life's vast panorama, radiate authenticity, 
For your presence enriches this shared reality.