Connecting the Dots: The Start of 24

30x30cm Bister & Ink
Organic cotton canvas
Wooden framing

Handmade & Authentic

€ 88,- (excl. insured shipment)

In a world awash with clamour and discord,
A soul seeks refuge, a haven to afford.
A Soulful spirit, attuned and free,
Craving sanctuary, a space just to be.

Amid the whirlwind of an unfamiliar sphere,
A narrative unfolds, a path drawing near.
A heartbeat softly murmurs, a rhythm distinct,
In life's tapestry, emotions interlink.

A sensitive essence in a binary embrace,
Wanders through challenges, transcends every trace.
Soulful whispers, a breeze so tender,
Cradling strength, a soothing surrender.

Safety pursued in the mosaic of diversity,
A refuge within, a serene university.
To comprehend oneself, a profound exploration,
In the symphony of feelings, a delicate foundation.

Navigating a realm that rarely understands,
Soulful essence, where acceptance expands.
In the mirror of self-love, reflections resolute,
Embracing authenticity, facing the absolute.

Inner peace blossoms in the recesses of the mind,
Where acceptance and love are intricately twined.
The Soulful heart, a radiant beacon,
Guiding through storms, embracing the unforeseen.

The canvas of life, painted with untold hues,
A masterpiece of resilience, a narrative that strews.
For in the cocoon of vulnerability's grace,
A butterfly emerges, wings unfurling with embrace.

In the sanctuary of self, a fortress secure,
A Soulful spirit, enduring and pure.
With empathy as armour, and kindness as guide,
They find serenity, afloat on the tide.

So, sway to the rhythm of your own heartbeat,
A journey unfolding, both bitter and sweet.
For in the depth of understanding found,
A Soulful soul, in inner peace unbound.